(Error in subject line, it's a 14kw generator) I just changed the oil on my generator. It has run for 2 years flawlessly, really only doing weekly exercises and only once very early one running for a day or two straight.

I set the rocker switch to off, and I pulled out the 7.5 amp fuse on the control panel (watched a youtube video where the guy said to do that).

I changed the oil and oil filter.

When I turned the generator back on manually to test, it was real loud and shut off. The overspeed light was on. I tried turning it on a few more times but I could tell right away that it was over revving so I shut it off manually after a second or two.

The fuel setting thingy in the air intake is set correctly for propane fuel.

I can only guess that pulling the fuse reset the control panel to factory defaults which aren't correct for my fuel or engine size but I can't find a diagnostic manual anywhere.

Is there a software setting (easy to fix) or is there something more seriously wrong.
Skip Douglas SkipD
I do believe that [url=http://gen-parts.com/Manuals/0G9266.pdf][COLOR=Blue][U]this Diagnostic Repair Manual[/U][/COLOR][/url] could be useful to you (or to others helping you here).
Skip Douglas
Hi Woody, pulling the fuse should not change the governed speed, check the wire harness to the governor stepper motor, its under the air filter box, also check the air filter and cover if you had that off. Just a simple oil and filter change did'nt cause the problem, nor did pulling the fuse.