Hello, I have a Generac 5875 that was installed in November 2010. The unit has saved me a few times this winter and it works flawlessly. I have a question that I hope someone on the board can answer. Recently I noticed that after running the twelve minute exercise cycle each week, when the unit shuts down, there is a "clunk" that I hear. It almost sounds like kickback from the engine after the fuel solenoid slams shut . I guess I never really paid much attention to it previously but it is definately there. As I said, the unit has worked flawlessly for me several times this winter for hours on end with no trouble what so ever. Is this something that I should be concerned about?


Geoff Z
Those regulators do not slam shut. Without seeing a video, I don't think I can give my opinion on what you're hearing. Something that sounds normal to me might sound bad to you..
I believe You're saying it makes a 'clunking' noise when it comes up on compression just before the crankshaft stops turning. If that's so, i'd look for a loose flywheel or a loose or broken motor mount.