Hey gang.
Has anyone purchased one of the new models yet? I am curious of what the major differences are between the 5501 and 5240. Beyond the slight increase in power and the lower noise (63 vs 68 dba), any other improvements?
Any other thoughts on the new models?

John Kolarosky
My neighbor has the new version of the 5501, quite a difference between models. New model has a electronic module vs mechanical linage for the throttle control, making the frequency adjustment automatic. The control box has 10 breakers vs 8 on the 5501. The circuit breaken on the new unit is mounted on the side of the generator vs opening the lid on the old unit. After seeing my neighbors new unit I wanted to convert my 5501 to the electronic throttle, but was told that I would have to replace the engine, so that isn't going to happen. I had trouble with my mechanical secondary linkage falling off during a 4 day power outage, kind of scary, not knowing what the frequency was, but I bought a Fluke 197 meter, and adjusted the linkage as per manual instructions. I really like the new models vs the 5501.