Unit is QT04842ANAX, liquid cooled with V6 engine, 8 yrs old with 99 hours.

It recently started making excessive noise from in front of the radiator, where the fan and mufflers are.
It doesn't sound squeaky or high pitched like a bearing. I opened the cover and looked at the mufflers. Nothing seemed odd.
It's just louder than it used to be by a noticeable amount.

Can y'all give me a few things to check?

Could it be muffler clamps?

Thanks in advance!
Lafayette, La.
Check the V profile of the belt all the way around the circumference. I've seen them wear in one spot but not another. The belt should be flush with the top of the sheaves. You can turn off the gas and crank it to observe the belt as it turns.

You may have to take the belt off to check it carefully.

While it's off, check the idler for looseness, breaking into more than one piece, or bearing problems.
State your problem, not your diagnosis.
Pro came out,said the problem is the fan drive shaft and bearing. He said in 14 yrs he has changed four or five of them. I'm changing the idler pulley to metal while it's apart. Thanks