I have a 15 kw unit propane #04390-2 serial 3794520 that has been working fine for about 9 years. Customer noticed on last utility loss that the unit came on but did not transfer over to power the house. I simulated this by shutting off the utility and the unit started up. The unit ran but did not transfer stand by power. When the 5 amp fuse was removed back @ the unit the power transferred. Put fuse back in and engaged utility and the unit shut down normal. Repeated and the same events happened. Could someone give me a clue as to what to look for here.
Most of the time when I get that call it the breaker on the side of the generator is turned off, I would check that first, The thing with generator they alway use the power for the next thing to transfer meaning, if you loose Power you need the generator to transfer, and when power resumes you use the utility power to transfer back
always set up for the next move.
As was stated above you need to verify AC output from the generator, my guess it does or that model unit would fault out on flashing over speed. If that is good you need to try grounding the #23 wire while the generator is running with the utility off if it transfers you know the switch is working. If the fuse that you are pulling is really just rebooting the board then I would guess it is a board issue. You should also make sure the 0 or 1 wire to the board has less than 1 ohm to ground. The easiest way to check the system is with the utility off and the generator running ground the 23 wire to see if it switches over. If it does and the 23 wire has continuity back to the main control board you have a bad main board. Good Luck, Peddler