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Coils are getting hot while running, they keep up ok while running but after heat soak they won't fire with enough voltage to start the thing.
It could also be a timing issue with the coils. I think that old coils can have good fire but often fire out of time. Coil replacement is the number one thing to help older units. Good Luck, Peddler
Thanks for reply !
78buckshot: I had thought about that, coils get hot, then don't want to fire right, then shuts down generator, the coils are hot, and it won't start, when you try to re-start generator. But choke it a little, with glove over air box holes, and it will start right back, most of the time, or back-fire.

Peddler: agree with you on old coils, just hate to change them, never have gotten under 4 hrs. on this job yet. In all that I have changed, have never seen a bad flywheel key, but guess its possible.

Thanks, Mike