is it possible to eliminate the computer and convert the motor to mechanical Governor.
Everything is controlled by the main control board, just curious on how you would operate the rest of the unit, ignition, fuel, start, stop, transfer, voltage regulation, safeties, etc?
My thought was just put a brain from a auto on it.
the governing is what I wonder about.
years ago I bought a brand new 85 k 
with an Isuzu 6 diesel 
it came with a computer 
we had so many problems 
we went back to mechanical.
never had another problem 
sold the unit with 17000 hours 
still ran like a top.
i love the motor 
but after installing a new nexus board 
that was a 1000 bucks.
it will not even let me get past the first 3 steps.
then throws a canbus error.
i have followed flow charts tested everything.
Birken Vogt
Have you scoped the CANbus?  Does it even have a CANbus engine controller?  I thought these units were all controlled by the Nexus controller directly.
When you buy a new nexus control board it has specific directions 
to move past the canbus error screen.
i can’t move past that error.