hello again, all. My 2008 Generac 8kw has ceased to start (auto or manually). I can get it in a green "System Ready" mode and hold down "Manual" or "Auto/Set Exercise", there will be a 4-5 sec. pause, then a loud clunk - - which *seems* to be coming from underneath the control panel - - then the dreaded red "RPM Sensor Loss" LED. The engine never spins over - - just sit there. Well, actually, about one in eevery 6-7 times, the engine *willU spin over & fire and run. But after stopping (manually or end of exercise), back to red "RPM Sensor Loss" LED
If I pull the fuse, I can usually get the green "System Ready" again, but then - - whether attempting to "Manual" start or "Exercise" set, it's a delay, a loud clunk and red "RPM Sensor Loss" LED. I've put in a new battery and a new control panel - - I had a spare one handy - - and no change. Suggestions for next step?
Sounds like the starter motor is not properly engaging the flywheel to spin the engine. My 2006 7kW required a new starter motor 1 month after it was installed. The replacement starter motor worked fine until the whole generator was replaced last year when I switched to a whole house system.
On my 8kw I had a “clicking” noise which turned out to be a bad starter contactor - the starter was fine. I’m not sure if we are defining “click” and “clunk” to mean the same thing, but the contactor solved my problem and was less than $30 from Ziller I think. I’m not sure if we have the same model 8kw or not. Mine is model 5882.