[B]Model #: (004456-3) [/B][B]Serial #: (3918346)[/B]
[B]Propane or Natural Gas: Natural Gas[/B]
[B]Length of gas pipe feeding the generator: 20 feet[/B]
[B]Size of gas pipe feeding the generator: 3/4 in[/B]
[B]How long since the last full maintenance:[/B] [B]1 year[/B]
[B]How long have you experienced this problem: 2 days[/B]

[B]Description of problem:[/B] The unit currently just buzzes when I try to start it and it gives this error message. (See pic). Wont even try to crank.

Here is exactly what I did when it started.
1. Started it in manual mode and ran it for 10 mins. Ran / started perfectly fine.
2. Turned off gas
3. drained/replaced oil/filter
4. Turned gas back on.

[B]Steps you have taken to resolve problem: Flipped breaker inside AND the main switch in an attempt to reset it. [/B]

Thank you in advance! What a great forum.
Check the small blue control wires near the oil filter, you may have pulled one loose. If all is ok there then start at the battery-clean and snug the terminals and check the water level in the battery.
dead battery or loose battery cable.