Hey Everyone,

I am new here but have been reading for a few weeks.

I have purchased three older style 15Kw Standby Generators from an electrician that performed new installs.

He told me one would not maintain voltage and thought it was a bad stator.

Another had a fuel pump problem but produced power fine when the motor ran well.

The third was still installed and the homeowner was just upgrading to a 22KW and switching to a whole house 200 Amp Transfer Switch. He was able to demonstrate the generator and transfer switch for me. Removal is scheduled for this Friday.
Note that this electrician is not a Factory Tech and didn't invest much in troubleshooting (his words).

My plan is to take the best housing and put it on the functioning Generator he was able to demonstrate.

In the meantime, I wouldn't mind seeing exactly what is wrong with the other two but have already hit my first snag.

Both sets are ohming around 150 on Wires 0 and 4. The one I am starting to tear down for the housing will ohm in the 30s but also beeps continuity.

Also, I tried pulling the fan with a puller and have literally stripped the threads out of the M8 screw holes. These are coastal Florida generators so they have extensive corrosion.

Any suggestions on getting the the cooling fan off would be great.

I will get some SN as well.

Thanks so much!

Well, this is the one he figured had a bad stator.

I will finish pulling the stator and rotor off the motor and check how the engine runs.

May can keep the motor and put a gas carb on there and use it for something.