Hi all, i am new to the forums. Great site, thanks Ziller Electric. 5 weeks ago I installed the 11kw generator. It has ran its weekly exercise 5 to 6 times, no outages yet but i have simulated one once or twice. The generator still has factory oil in it. I was considering a cold weather kit, but I decided to say no to the kit and yes to 5w30 Mobil One full synthetic instead, as it is starting to get cold in No Illinois. Also, when I change the oil (have'nt done it yet) can I drain oil out of filter and reuse the filter (it is new). What do you guys think? I would like to hear your opinions. Thanks in advance Craig model 0064383 serial 9774408 ats switch model ol3217b
Skip Douglas SkipD
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You should run the unit for 8-10 hours with the "dino" oil in it and then change the oil and the filter. DO NOT re-use the filter as it may be trapping small metallic particles left over from machining the engine.

In my opinion, a few 2-4 hour sessions under load would be good to prove the unit's reliability as well as doing what the "break-in" oil is designed to do.
Skip Douglas
John R
Run it under load for 8 to 10 hours, then change the oil to Mobil 1, put a new filter on, the old filter will have all the left over stuff from when the engine was built.

Look in your manual for the recommended oil.
Get one of these and get some Mobil one locally.