Generac 10kw model 0055020. My control panel has no display, completely dark.  Generator is working well, but I read it’s easy to replace control panel if wanted  (remove four screws, plug and play).  I thought I would order the panel and install myself.  However, this being the first time I’ve ever worked on my generator and being a repair novice I wondered if I needed to disconnect battery or take any other safety precautions before swapping out control panel?  Thanks for any help.        

Welcome to the forum TiffinyT, I'm sorry for the late reply. For safety turn the gas off leading to the generator, disconnect the black negative cable at the battery, remove the screws holding the control and gently disconnect the wiring plugs from the back side of the control. Re-assemble in reverse order, you will have to set-up the new control after it is alive, you can return to this forum for info and advice.