Generac Guardian 10kW (installed sometime in 2001)
675 hours
Model: 04079-0
Serial: 3145001
Generac Engine #: GN-724
Briggs & Stratton Model #: 445775 (found on right valve cover)
Briggs & Stratton Type: 0132-01
Briggs & Stratton Code: 990528YG

Engine would not crank. Just a slight clicking noise. Replaced starter. Posting this as info for anyone doing same on a 04079 or similar.

Checked battery while attempting a manual start and got 12.6 volt reading. Removed plugs and tried again. Same. When I did a valve adjustment two years ago, did it without removing the top. Figured the current problem would probably be the starter or starter contactor and no way to get to the starter without removing the top. Turns out it's easy to remove: 5 nuts with washers and lock washers. Removed the flywheel/fan cover and turned the engine by hand no problem (whew, no seized engine). Played with the starter gear a bit while doing manual start and starter spun it until it engaged the flywheel and then stopped and began smoking.

Removed the battery and fuse. Turned off breaker to house electric. Removed the cylinder #1 wrapper (left side) and the starter wrapper next to it. Removed the starter cable at the starter contactor (upper right back side of generator enclosure) to give slack for removing the starter. The head of the starter bolts have a Torx insert. (Space is too small for wrench.) Used a Torx T30 on a small socket wrench to crack the bolts loose and remove. Removed starter cable from starter.

The Generac manual gives the starter as 149C1198. The Briggs & Stratton number for same was 499521. That's been replaced by 795121. Found this on Amazon, sold and fulfilled by Amazon for $96.50. Came sealed in an official Briggs & Stratton box. Installed new starter and reassembled parts. Starts as expected. (Also vacuumed out the control panel box. Why doesn't it have a cover?)