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    And all of the photos on my posts have disappeared. What is going on ?
    Homeowner with 17 KW air-cooled Honeywell model 62820, SYNC 2.0 Controller, Firmware V1.11, Hardware V1.05, 200 Amp service rated ATS model OH 4557B. On NG with a upgraded AC 630 meter with 70 feet of 1 1/4" underground line. De-rated to 13.2 KW account running on NG at 4,500' ASL. Installed 10/2014.


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      Originally posted by Hodgy View Post
      As I go through the forum I see a few things missing. No user CP. No photos and pictures. Signature does not appear when you post.
      I believe the use of signatures has to be enabled by the admin. Our signatures for our old posts are not showing up. Once it's enabled, it should all be fixed. That's what I believe from seeing this happen at other vBulletin forums on the internet.
      22kW Guardian 6551 (s/n 9106084) ATS 0K0166b (s/n 9107706) Self installed 3/15. AL-425 NG Meter at 2PSI, 40' of 3/4" black pipe inside and 50' of CSST 3/4" buried. 2 Pietro governors (1 inside house/1 outside at generator). Last 12' to generator is 1/2 PSI on 1" black pipe. Only reason my house hasn't blown up is because of this forum and Ziller.


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