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17.5kW 4583 - High voltage

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    Wire VR # 0F9719[0] as Peddler stated. These things are also cast into the aluminum SEN = sensing, FLD = field and DPE = exciter power.

    The other arrangement shown on pg 24 and 25, and on the schematics before page 80, is for the older/bigger/more expensive [0]6768[0] which is not what you have, and the pins are in a different order.


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      So I plan the following.
      1. Measure voltage between 11A & 22 (120VAC) and 44A & 22(120VAC)
      2. Measure voltage between 11s & 22s (120VAC
      3. Measure charge voltage at battery (14VDC)
      4. Measure 12VDC Outlet

      Am I missing something that would point to an area or item that may be causing the problem.



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        I thought you said you had like 140-150 volts line to neutral in your original post. That points to a VR but as was explained if there was a problem where the VR was seeing the output voltage it would keep trying to raise the voltage. A voltage regulator doesn't often work intermittently but I guess it is possible.


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          Peddler, I'm not sure what has happened.
          When I first started looking at the problem, I saw 148 to 150 VAC on each leg. Now I see 284 VAC 59.9 Hz.

          Also, at no time did the VR Red LED light up.

          Here is my data from checking everything I could.

          Started Generator
          Checked for red LED on VR unit. No Red light

          AC Voltage Readings
          Description VAC Hz
          11s to 22s 284 59.8
          11A to 22 284 59.8
          44A to 22 284 59.8

          Engine was running smooth, Voltage and Hz were steady.

          Battery w/Generator Off 12.93VDC
          Battery w/Generator Running at Speed 12.40 VDC
          Battery w/Generator at idle 12.46 VDC

          At this point I disconnected the battery.

          TEST 19 (pg47)
          Battery Charge Rectifier Check
          BCR1 & BCR2 w/Wires off
          (- Lead) to Center/(+Lead) to Outside (13A/66) 0.50 VDC
          (- Lead) to Center/(+Lead) to Outside (13A/77) 0.50 VDC
          (+Lead) to Center/(-Lead) to Outside (13A/66) Infinity
          (+Lead) to Center/(-Lead) to Outside (13A/77) Infinity

          Test 8 (pg42)
          Diode D2/Resistor Test
          (- Lead) to Center/(+Lead) to Base (4/Resistor Side) Infinity
          (+ Lead) to Center/(-Lead) to Base (4/Resistor Side) 0.468 VDC
          Resistor Ohms 22ohms

          Given this information: should a new VR fix this, or do I also need a the PCB
          The part numbers are 0D4409 for PCB, and 0F9719 for the VR.
          At this point I would rather be safe than sorry.
          What else should i look at?

          And thanks for the help...
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            Hi, I'm back at trying to fix this thing.
            I did all the checks listed above.
            I replaced the PC Board - Part OD4409 and the VR 0F97190SRV to see if that would fix everything.

            Well NO...
            The motor went into a over rev condition, and I would shut it down before it got to high.
            Put the old PC board back in, and it would run correctly with Idle control on or off.
            The red light was not on the VR, and I only got 39VAC.

            Any ideas anyone????


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