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Valve lash jam nut torquing

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  • Valve lash jam nut torquing

    Does anyone actually use an inch pound torque wrench and crowfoot to torque the valve lash jam nut? I've tried numerous times with no luck. A 13mm crowfoot and 1/2" crowfoot do not fit the jam nut snug enough to torque the nut without rounding. Any suggestions?

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    I carry a 1/2in. and 13 mm regular combo wrenches, never have used a torque wrench or crows foot on the jam nut. I've done a lot of wrenching and just have a good feel for it. I service a couple hundred air-cooled and have not had any problems with too loose or too tight on the nut.


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      I find that my 1/2 inch wrench fits better than any of the 13mm ones for whatever reason. I use a crowsfoot type on older ones where the lack of space makes it tough to work, but don't feel the need for a torque wrench.


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        I use torque wrenches for all internal engine parts and anything safety related. I havenít adjusted lash on my 22k yet but a suspect itís similar to my 20 hp Kawasaki engine on JD425. I donít recall anything difficult about the process. Be sure crow foot at 90 degree angle when at final torque value.


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          Thanks very much for the replies.


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