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Is Champion really ending production on #431 spark plug? (RC14YC)

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    Originally posted by Birken Vogt View Post
    But there are two parallel products, RC12YC and XC12YC and they look similar. Why the difference?

    Well all I can find out is that the gaps are different... Maybe just that the electrode is manufactured longer to allow for the extra gap and bend?

    Personally I have never seen an XC12YC plug.

    Generac includes only RC12YC plugs in the 999cc kits for the 20-22kW's and the new 16-22kW's in the 2017 model line.

    The rest are RC14YC4's for the 990-992cc engines. The '4' is just a gap identifier for the .040 gap.
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      Champion XC12YC (982) Copper Plus Small Engine Spark Plug
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        What does NOT show in the comparison specs is the heat range. That can be critically important for proper operation of an engine and, for that reason alone, I will stay with the RC12YC as long as my generator keeps on running. I have had absolutely no engine running problems with my 2008 vintage 5416 (listed as 18kW).
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          On further reading "between the lines" it seems that the XC12YC might be some kind of resistor/inductor combination "optimized for small engines" or something like that.

          In my experience, this kind of difference usually makes no difference in real life.
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