• Missing sticky note

    I’m not sure what form you are referring to? Was it a Generac form? Or something a member created? The form was a “sticky” post that was...

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    Started by DenisC

  • Back to top button

    I was able to get a button added at the very bottom right corner of every page. When you scroll down it will pop up. Grey square button that says...

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    Started by Geoff Z

  • New posts being buried on page 2 and beyond

    I am starting a new thread to ask this question instead of posting it in the original "new software" thread as a direct result of the...

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    Started by Goofy4TheWorld

  • All our help and concerns in one place

    Everyone, It will help me if we put everything here. When I have time to look at things they will all be in one place. If you find something helpful...

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    Started by Geoff Z


    Looks like the forum has new software---LOOKS GOOD---Hope it works well---Time will tell. Thanks Ziller, Ron Goldstein

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    Started by Ron Goldstein

  • Forum Update

    We had to update our vBulletin version. We were at risk of losing our data and indexing through Google. We apologize for any inconvenience while we...

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    Started by Geoff Z

  • New Forum

    I know it is not ideal to change software, in many ways. We were hosted on Vbulletin (VB). The version we inherited several years ago was badly...

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    Started by ziller

  • How to change your icon/avatar

    To change your icon - go to your profile settings in the upper right corner. Once in your profile, click the icon (it's probably your initials) and...

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    Started by ziller

  • How to start a new post (topic) and mark all topics read

    In the upper right of every screen you should see: You can click this from the main category listing (in which case you will need to...

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    Started by ziller