• Distance to natural gas meter and vent

    Generac 22 KW Air generator. Gas Meter and vent already installed the property. There are no windows or doors. 3' from electric meter. I am getting...

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    Started by Masmadi

  • Seperately Derived System question

    Hello All. Have a question about a subject that keeps coming up on separately derived systems. From what I have seen, most folks use a 2-pole...

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    Started by RD35

  • Transfer Sw install

    The new Genset is in and now waiting for the Co. to install the new Tx Sw They are claiming the County says the sw needs to be outside. The old sw is...

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    Started by sggoat

  • Is SE switch required

    We are looking into installing a genset on an existing building. The building currently has an 800 amp disconnect at the point of entrance of...

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    Started by Alfaowl

  • Using SE Genready as a non SE ATS

    We are planing the last of a neighborhood series of generator installations. Because of the ability to flush mount the genready line of whole...

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    Started by ERE

  • Generac RPM Sensor Fault will not start

    Hello, I have a Generac Guardian 20kW generator and I noticed that there was a red lite fault indicator displayed . I looked at the display and saw...

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    Started by hgblanchard

  • Alternate path to ground?

    The local code authorities want us to bond, as it enters the house, the CSST gas line which goes to the generator back to the transfer switch. I...

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    Started by Peddler

  • ATS load center interior circuit labeling

    Hello, I have a 2004 13/15 kW NG Guardian Model # 43903 with a 12 circuit load center ATS. My question revolves around labeling of the circuits and...

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    Started by alphaa211

  • Replacing a Generator

    Looking to replace my whole house generator with a new one. Have gotten a few quotes. The existing generator is about 100 feet from the house so all...

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    Started by toglo7777

  • Sub-panel question

    In my father in-laws house they have a sub-panel feeding another sub-panel out in a garage. The 1st sub-panel has the neutrals and grounds separated...

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    Started by ED01

  • AHJ and codes

    We have a bid in on for an existing customer that moved to a different jurisdiction than his previous install location. His previous residence was in...

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    Started by BrentB

  • Siemens breakers

    Looking for assistance. I have to quote on a brand new house that has Cutler Hammer BR Arc Fault breakers. They are looking for a 11kw generator...

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    Started by dwegst

  • Correct electrical grounding?

    My 22kw Guardian generator and transfer switch was installed recently. After researching this forum and examining the way the way my load centers...

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    Started by Donald W

  • Is a generator a "Structure"?

    I was told today by an inspector that the state of N.C. considers a generator a structure and it needs to have a ground rod.

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    Started by hoghead

  • Ground wire question

    Do all power wires between the generator and TS need to be in the same conduit? Back when my generator was installed the electrician installed it...

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    Started by ED01

  • Existing 3-wire range

    I just installed a Generac 200 Amp service rated transfer switch between the meter and the main house panel. That made the existing panel a sub...

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    Started by dave

  • Load calculations

    Hello, I am trying to figure out when sizing a residential optional generator if part IV of nec 220 can be used or does it have to be part III? The...

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    Started by Generacinstaller

  • AFCI breakers

    Recently one of my ARC Fault breaker went bad. When I went to replace it I found out that they now should be Combination AFCI breakers. I was...

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    Started by ED01

  • Exterior disconnect

    what is the recommended (or suggested) exterior disconnect for use with a 20kw standby geneator. From what I am finding the breaker on the generator...

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    Started by jetamerica

  • Electric outlet on aluminum fence post.

    Is it safe and within code to have an electric outlet mounted to an aluminum fence? I have a low voltage pool control mounted on one of the post...

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    Started by ED01

  • NG to LNG question

    I may have a large propane tank installed as a back-up to my ng line. Is there a valve I could turn on and off to control the flow from one fuel to...

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    Started by Richard

  • 225.36

    In one of our lively discussions about the need for a separate disconnect at the dwelling to comply with 225.36. One of the members posted that...

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    Started by ceb58

  • Seperately derived system

    I have a site that is off grid. They only power the camp with generators. The current unit is wired directly to the panel. There is not a ground rod...

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    Started by ohmslaw

  • Interlock and power from a home standby generator

    I see that people use interlock kits to backfeed power from portable generators. The interlock will not allow the backfeed breaker to be on while the...

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    Started by dradam

  • Natural gas regulator spacing distance question

    I have installed many Generac units in the past. My local area inspector has never had a problem with the distance and placement of the units as long...

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    Started by whitetail59