• 8kW - no start below -12 C

    This is a 2011 8kw model 0058700 serial # 5960674 natural gas. From new it never started below -10 C (Canadian). Original dealer played with it...

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    Started by Skipper

  • Generator won't start

    Model 5416 Ser# 4887891 Approximately 250 hours (didn't come with an hour meter) Regular oil/airfilter/plug maintenance Battery about 5 years old....

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    Started by DuaneS

  • Emergency! educate me

    overspeed error On manual start it tried to blow itself up...revving 6000 I would guess and backfiring out carb. I do not know what happened. I...

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    Started by grey

  • Error Code 1603

    11KW Model G0064383 Ser 3000171105 Running Nat Gas I’m on Northern Ohio Red light was on after weekly test. Unit had low rpm code 1603 and a...

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    Started by 3Phase

  • What to do with a broken 20kW Synergy

    Hi all. And thanks in advance. I was given a broken 20kW Synergy. It is only about 18 months old and has only 10 hours on it. The engine is great...

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    Started by jeffz

  • Oil leak

    So here’s the scenario. A guy from the company I work for performed general maintenance on a 14kw Generac about 3 weeks ago. He changed the oil,...

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    Started by Apwel3209

  • Flashing Over Speed LED

    From the label on the generator: Item # 0043903 Serial 4076560 This is a 15/13kw generator fed with natural gas, installed by me in 2006. Last...

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    Started by Goofy4TheWorld

  • 8kW 101 hrs burning oil 0h7544 407.00cc

    Hello , I just noticed my 14 year old Stand by was low on oil ( never was low ) . Topped off and ran manually when warming up heavy oil smoke is...

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    Started by tonythefish

  • Sub-zero temps and starting question

    I have a son who lives in Minneapolis. He just texted that it is -28 degrees. It got me thinking about the effects of sub zero temperatures on air...

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    Started by ericg

  • 2014 11kW Generac 0064370

    Intermittently faulting out and rebooting controller. Error 1505.service providers have changed .main bd. Starter and starter solenoid, mags, and i...

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    Started by Toot

  • Correct valve spring compressor tool?

    Can you guys please point me to the proper type of valve spring compressor tool to use on my 11kw 530cc? I want to replace the #2 cylinder intake...

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    Started by alphaa211

  • Generac Corepower low AC current

    Model 0058370 s/n 6731963 starts normal and runs after loss of utility power. However only produces 45 to 65 volts AC at generator circuit breaker on...

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    Started by George

  • RPM Sense Loss 8kW

    I checked my 8KW and there is a RPM Sense Loss error. I replaced the battery 2 months ago and took it last night to be tested under load and it...

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    Started by chris flannagan

  • More problems with error code 2800

    About a month ago I posted about my model 7043 22KW throwing 2800 codes. I have isolated it down to the fact that the code only appears after the...

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    Started by glock19

  • 10kW slow starts and rusty spark plugs

    My generator developed slow start problem. It cranks Ok, but then instead of starting immediately it gathers speed gradually and very slowly (5-7 sec...

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    Started by NorthGuy

  • Can you identify this 990 engine part?

    I had a bent pushrod (992) and a stuck tappet. I split the case and found this little piece laying inside. It may or may not be related to the bent...

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    Started by podus

  • Air-cooled starter fitment

    Over the past year, I have had problems replacing air-cooled starter motors, part #0E9323. The aluminum housing on the new ones have very slight...

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    Started by Blink

  • Weak starts/cranking

    Recently I have ran into quite a few older nexus units (20kw) that exhibit a very weak crank, even with a brand new battery. I checked the battery...

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    Started by Blink

  • Voltage regulator issue on Gen 1 generators

    Generator stops with a red light alarm on Over Speed. VR light is not lite when the engine runs. Engine only runs for about 30 seconds, then...

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    Started by woodspliter

  • Where to to rotate the engine?

    Hi guys, I have a 6 month old 70431 22kw guardian. When it comes time to check the valve lash, where and how do I spin the engine to get each...

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    Started by Ron Goldstein

  • 8kW intermittent surging

    Model: 0055181 Install Date: 2009-11-12 This unit has been having intermittent surging problems, noted by owner during the weekly unloaded...

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    Started by Mattyman

  • Ecogen 5818 6kW overcrank error / choke

    Hi, I am in the middle of my third winter with an ecogen 6kw generator with about 750 hours of run time on it. The unit has worked very well in both...

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    Started by Rpvietzke

  • Generac 20kW running rough

    My 20kw Generac 3600 RPM generator is running over and under speed by approximately 80 RPMs. Fluctuates continuously on RPMs. It is producing between...

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    Started by Offgridder

  • Starting problem persists, a year later

    I know I am supposed to give you the model number and serial, but frankly, it's too darned cold to go out and get it. But I will if needed. I have...

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    Started by Steve H

  • Generac 11kW generator - E2 not energized

    Greetings, Just powered up my new 11kw generator and activated the unit. Have no wires connected to it at this point (they are there, but I am...

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    Started by mikebaglini