• Opinions on new install wanted

    I got 2 quotes to install a standby generator. Both dealers recommended the 16KW guardian (15KW gas) if I wanted to power my whole house with...

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    Started by M Miller

  • Circuit Customization Question

    I am in the process of installing a 6KW Guardian generator (Model 5240). It has 1-30A 240V breaker, 1-20A 120V breaker, and 5-15A 120V...

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    Started by Larry L

  • Size of Generator

    I have varying opinions on the size of generator I need for my house. I just got a 45kw generator on the recommendation of my electrician but the...

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    Started by Anthony Korculanic

  • Power for battery warmer and block heater

    I'm thinking of having my electrician wire a 125 volt receptacle to the 20 amp battery charging source so I can plug in the cold weather gear in the...

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    Started by rrprecrif

  • Re: 4390

    Kelly, I recently purchased a 4390 from a local electrician. Some people in "the business" indicate that it will run on the standard...

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    Started by Ron Bobo

  • The Up and Downside of Owning a Standby Generator

    Hi, My family is considering moving to the Florida area (not exactly sure where we'll end up) and my parents have asked me to look up standby...

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    Started by EliteCow

  • Fuel line length, size

    I will be using propane from a source approx. 90 feet from the generator. What size flexible pipe i.d.would you recommend? Assuming the regulator...

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    Started by jtilley

  • I would like to buy a generator

    Hello. I am moving to Pensacola, FL in a few weeks. I am looking into buying a generator, but I am having trouble deciding on which model to get. Do...

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    Started by jonelle

  • Small white (neutral?) wires going to original breaker panel

    Kelly, When the electrician wired my system in, he was wondering what function the small white (neutral?) wires performed. There is a large white...

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    Started by John Colby

  • Power hook up for battery charger

    Great site . I have a 16 kw with no transfer switch, This will be a Manuel setup with dual disconnects, I will be feeding 240 volt 65 amps...

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    Started by Slice

  • Natural gas

    I need Installation information for gas pipe sizes & other info for 5244 16KW Generator.

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    Started by dhard

  • Installation information

    I am thinking about installing a standby generator, but have several questions that I am having a hard time finding out the correction answers....

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    Started by maxwell18

  • Full time usage

    Kelly, what would you recommend for a full time usage? My sister-in-law is building a lake house up on Lake Ontario, south eastern corner. There...

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    Started by John Colby

  • 3/4" hole in Air cleaner

    I just finished installing a 7000KW Guardian unit and would like to know what the 3/4" hole is for in the bottom of the air cleaner.When I plug...

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    Started by GMTech

  • Maneuvering and mounting on concrete pad

    Are there any good hints on how to maneuver the generator without a forklift or a bunch of helpers? I'm going to have it delivered up-slope from the...

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    Started by babydoc

  • Generator placement

    I received my 16kw Gaurdain this week and was looking over the area where it will be installed. I read in one of your posts that the 16kw exhausts...

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    Started by kjeksteib

  • Install questions

    Thanks...Whoohoo, won your 16 K aluminum generator...I already called and ordered the time meter, oil filters, manual and service kit... after...

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    Started by Tripwire

  • Pad dimensions?

    Hello, From the photos I've seen it appears the composite pad is a bit larger than 48 X 24 but I've been unable to find the actual dimensions...

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    Started by Chillydip

  • Installation

    hello, thankyou for providing this valuable site that has given me answers to questions that i didn't know i had. I've been surfing the web, facts...

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    Started by vanzago

  • New Installation of 5244

    Hi all, Just completed the install and it works perfectly, right out of the box. 16KW is a lot of juice and works well for us. I highly recommend...

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    Started by Keith Craine

  • Guardian placement options

    I'm trying to decide on a place to put a 16KW Guardian and have attached a PDF of two locations under consideration. I'm hoping for some input as to...

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    Started by Thornhump

  • Whats the dimension of the cement pad I need for the new 16 kW generator?

    I ordered a Guardian 16,000 watt steel from you and I am receiving it next monday. What size concrete pad do I need to set the generator...

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    Started by cricket65@gmail.com